Zurich FBO Cat Air Service receives stage two IS-BAH accreditation

posted on 31st July 2019 by William Hayes
Zurich FBO Cat Air Service receives stage two IS-BAH accreditation

Fixed-base operator (FBO) Cat Air Service has announced it has achieved the second stage of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handlers (IS-BAH).

The award, granted by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), recognises and promotes use of best practices in the industry by adhering to a progressive Safety Management System (SMS) for Fixed Based Operations (FBO) and Business Aircraft Handling Agencies (BAHA).

“This achievement not only demonstrates our high level of ground service at our facility but also our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for our customers and employees,” said general manager of Cat Air Service, Roger Büchner.

Zurich Airport-based Cat Air, created in 2014 as a joint venture between Swiss companies, Air Service Basel and Cat Aviation AG, attained the first stage of the IS-BAH in 2017, with general manager Robert Whitehead saying at the time: “We are still a fairly new and humble Swiss company compared to the global network FBOs based at Zurich Airport.

“So, it’s a great achievement for us to be officially recognized for our hard work and dedication to our customers, and the quality of services we provide.”

IS-BAH accreditation is tiered in three stages, each one recognising a different level of dedication to best practices and adherence to the SMS, as set out by IBAC.

Stage one confirms SMS infrastructure is in place and best practices are targeted, stage two ensures that safety risks are being effectively managed, and stage three verifies that such SMS activities are wholly integrated into a company’s operations.