XOJet Aviation moves bulk of operation to Florida

posted on 30th January 2020 by William Hayes
XOJet Aviation moves bulk of operation to Florida

Brisbane, California-based on-demand private jet charter company XOJet Aviation has announced it will be moving two-thirds of its operations to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) in Florida.

Coming from Sacramento McClellan Airport (MCC), 250 of the company’s employees will be set up in a temporary space at FXE while they wait for their 40,000-sq-ft permanent building to be completed.

“Moving our headquarters will allow teams to work more efficiently with our key partners and will increase key departments’ responsiveness and improve efficiencies for clients as well as provide a location that will allow us to attract world-class talent,” said XOJet Aviation president and chief operating officer Kevin Thomas. The regional sales office and the operations of its corporate air shuttle team will remain at MCC.

“There will be a significant number of the existing employees relocating to South Florida in the coming weeks,” added chief human resources officer Michelle Bauman. “We’ll be hiring an additional 150 positions, which are currently open and we’ve begun accepting applications.”

XOJet Aviation is the operating air carrier for XOJet, an on-demand charter company acquired in the fourth quarter of 2018 by Vista Global Holding. XOJet Aviation has 116 owned aircraft, while XOJet has access to another 1,500 aircraft under management.