XJet rolls out its new ‘tailored branding’ service at London Stansted

posted on 18th June 2019 by Justin Burns
XJet rolls out its new 'tailored branding' service at London Stansted

XJet – the luxury FBO operator at London Stansted Airport – continues to revolutionise the private aviation industry with its vision of what a world-class FBO can provide for its clientele with the roll out of its new ‘tailored branding’ service.  

The operator has introduced an immersive experience at its London Stansted FBO which can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements which it says us ideal for car launches; financial road shows; music and sports tours.

From tickets to boarding passes to luggage tags and inside its executive lounges, operators and charter brokers can opt to have their brand’s logo, corporate colours and décor featured as and where they choose.

Boarding passes and tickets are also now available in electronic form, in line with XJet’s commitment to sustainability.

“The system allows us to carry out direct electronic online filing of GAR’s; all flight handling paperwork; load sheets; branded boarding passes and luggage tags, plus a few additional options,” said XJet general manager Paul Forster, architect of the new solution.

XJet can update the appropriate charter broker of their flight’s status via automated text messages including ‘passengers have been screened’; ‘passengers boarded’; ‘doors closed’ and ‘aircraft airborne’ – taking out or cutting down telephone calls or emails. 

Inside its lounges, XJet showcases a steady stream of beautiful and individual items of art and sculptures from talented, emerging artists from all over the world.

As its reputation builds, a number of other prestige brands will be showing at the XJet facility, further enhancing the customer experience as they travel through the FBO.

“In response to demand from customers, our team has worked hard to create, develop and build the concept so that clientele can distinguish themselves from their competitors and build facilities and private conference rooms for its VVIP clientele,” said Forster.  

Open 24/7, The Diamond Hangar also provides world-class maintenance, safety and security for aircraft of all sizes. Unique among such facilities, it boasts 150 car park spaces.