World Fuel Services Helps Customers Achieve Carbon Targets with New Carbon Emissions Offset Program

posted on 24th November 2020 by Eddie Saunders
World Fuel Services Helps Customers Achieve Carbon Targets with New Carbon Emissions Offset Program

For FBOs using World Fuel software, tracking COF is simplified. World Fuel added an automated COF reporting feature to its FBO point-of-sale software solutions, so that FBOs can offer their customers carbon offsets at the time of fueling. In the software, FDs are charged for COF by the FBO at the time of purchase. This feature captures the transaction’s COF volumes between the FBO and its FD customer and automatically transmits them to World Fuel, eliminating the manual reporting step. The new feature is currently available at many of the Air Elite locations and will soon be released to other World Fuel FBO software users.

The COF program also provides a similar solution directly to FDs. FDs track their fuel burn over the reporting period, typically a month or more, and send that information to World Fuel. World Fuel through World Kinect converts gallons to tons of Co2 and purchases the required carbon offsets on behalf of its FD customers.

In either scenario, World Fuel aggregates the COF volume, then purchases the carbon offsets required inside World Kinect through the global carbon offset market. World Kinect handles everything else endto-end, from project sourcing and carbon trading to retirement of certificates, saving customers time and internal resources. World Kinect’s experts buy offsets from only high-quality projects focused on global forest protection initiatives. World Kinect retires the carbon offsets on behalf of the FBO or FD and funds projects that close the carbon equation by offsetting the carbon created jet fuel consumption.

Darren Fuller, vice president business development at World Fuel Services: “Offsetting carbon as an everyday activity is our mission for this program. We want to make sustainability accessible to the broadest customer base possible. Carbon offsets bundled with jet fuel are a perfect bridge until Sustainable Aviation Fuel supply rises to meet demand.”