Website MRO Insider adds feature offering maintenance oversight

posted on 22nd August 2019 by William Hayes
Website MRO Insider adds feature offering maintenance oversight

Aviation maintenance quote comparison website MRO Inside has released a feature which offers maintenance oversight for flight department clients.

The feature, called Virtual DOM, includes invoice review carried out by an experienced group of prominent maintenance directors, including Thoroughbred Aviation president/founder Nathan Winkle.

“By teaming up with Nathan and his team at Thoroughbred,” said MRO Insider co-founder Andy Nixon, “we now provide an avenue for aircraft owner/operators to dramatically increase their confidence when submitting and receiving maintenance quotes through our online platform, including physical oversight of the project when requested.”

The new Virtual DOM feature is part of the company’s “continued quest to provide transparency and standardization” in the business aviation industry, according to Nixon.

“The Virtual DOM component allows owners and operators to leverage decades of actual directors of maintenance expertise to support the RFQ and maintenance project oversight,” said Winkle.

“Our team of technical leaders coupled with the quoting technology offered by MRO Insider is the best way for owners and operators to save time and have peace of mind.”