VistaJet introduces The Surprise Reunion flight program

posted on 6th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
VistaJet introduces The Surprise Reunion flight program

VistaJet today announces the launch of The Surprise Reunion, its latest creation in the Adventures in the Sky program for families.

Designed in collaboration with world-renowned event planners Sharky & George, the thrilling adventures bring friends and families together from every corner of the globe.

Whether on a little known sandy island in the Pacific Ocean or a stunning mountain with untouched snow as far as the eye can see, gatherings will be completely unique and original.

Prior to each journey, exciting and mysterious packages, including trip itineraries and challenge instructions, are delivered at each guest’s door.

Perhaps an ancient map parchment, a set of engraved coins, or a cryptic message, each will be different from the next — and in some cases, delivered by unexpected characters.

From there, VistaJet will ensure seamless travel by private jet from anywhere in the world, to the final destination.

Matteo Atti, EVP of Marketing and Innovation at VistaJet said:
“This past year has shown us that spending time with family and friends is what really matters.

“We assessed how to better serve our Members and imagined a reunion with loved ones of all ages, commencing at 45,000ft in the sky.

“In collaboration with our longstanding partner Sharky & George, we did just that by creating The Surprise Reunion.”

VistaJet’s Surprise Reunion can be completely tailored to meet passenger preferences and create the most imaginative experience. Inspiration itineraries include:

  • The Ultimate Quest
  • Adventure Race Across the Globe

Immersive Historical Experience