Vista starts 2022 with pricing of $1 Billion of 6.375% Senior Unsecured Notes

posted on 25th January 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Vista starts 2022 with pricing of $1 Billion of  6.375% Senior Unsecured Notes

Vista Global Holding (Vista), the world’s leading private aviation group, provides a 2022 market update and overview into the exceptional 2021 performance for all its operating divisions, including its market-leading VistaJet and XO brands.

2021 was yet another record-breaking year for Vista, with sales of the Group’s subscription solutions and services increasing 59%.

As the largest on demand charter provider by hours flown, the Group has seen a rapid increase year-on-year of 64% in global flight hours across its operating companies, representing a 57% rise on pre-pandemic figures.

Vista already serves more than half of the top 10 largest global companies, with VistaJet and XO reaching over 350,000 of the most desirable clients around the world.

This strong performance is coupled with record-breaking flying hours across both brands, with VistaJet selling over 22,000 annual subscription hours in 2021 — an increase of 90% compared with 2020 figures — and number of Members increasing year-on-year globally by 26%, continuing to convert aircraft ownership to the brand’s subscription model.

Additionally, a massive influx of business travelers choosing private aviation over commercial flying as uncertainty remains was seen across the Group.

XO Deposit Members increased 68% in 2021 and there was a huge increase in technology adoption by Members, with 84% of flights generated through XO’s marketplace.

2022 has continued apace. On January 20, 2022 Vista successfully priced an offering of $1 billion of Senior Unsecured Notes due 2030 by two of its subsidiaries, VistaJet Malta Finance P.L.C and XO Management Holding, Inc.

The offering was more than five times oversubscribed with exceptional demand from investors — validating the strength of Vista’s business model.

The transaction has raised additional liquidity while simultaneously substantially reducing Vista’s cost of borrowing relative to its existing Senior Notes.

“2021 has been an incredibly strong year for Vista and we have delivered all-time record-breaking figures as a result of the huge demand for our subscription, Membership and On Demand offerings”Thomas Flohr, Vista’s Founder and Chairman.

“There is clearly a paradigm shift in the global client’s view of private aviation and Vista’s world-leading position has enabled clients across the globe to experience its benefits as a critical mobility solution. Vista’s shared economy, asset light and subscription strategy is accelerating this trend.

“We are seeing contract sizes grow significantly across both VistaJet and XO and we are working around the clock to ensure we have necessary infrastructure and capabilities in place to ensure the complete flexibility and diversification of our services in the most sustainable way.

“We have added over 30 aircraft during the year, strengthening Vista’s over 200-strong fleet offering. Having a fleet of Global 7500 now fully operational has been a game-changing moment since its launch in 2021, and we will build on its success by adding even more new Global 7500 aircraft to strengthen our global offering by the end of 2022.

The accelerated completion and upsizing of our unsecured bond is transformational, demonstrating the clear and strong investor confidence in Vista and providing us with a strong platform to deliver our exciting vision and ambitions.

“We are continuing to dominate the business aviation world, by evolving and innovating every aspect of our services to provide the most advanced flying solutions at the very best value to our rapidly growing members’ base.

“This is only possible thanks to our expanding team of dedicated and passionate colleagues with hundreds more aviation experts helping to deliver our services to the incoming demand during 2021.

“We are best placed in the industry to capture new opportunities and we expect strong business momentum and sustainable growth throughout 2022 as we remain extremely confident about the future.”