Vision Systems unveils new smart window

posted on 15th March 2018 by Jordan Newton
Vision Systems unveils new smart window

Vision Systems, a world leader in shading systems and a challenger in IFE, presents two bespoke solutions ensuring a good return on investment: its latest dimmable shading system based on a new industrial process for enhanced optical quality and lower cost, Nuance V2, and its In-Flight Entertainment solutions providing a quick payback.

Vision Systems’ second generation of Electronically Dimmable Windows (EDWs) eliminates shades and offers many advantages over other dimmable systems. Using an SPD film, they provide variable shading from fully clear to an extremely dark state (up to 99.9% light blockage) and instant response time.

The significant heat gain reduction contributes to a considerable reduction of air conditioning consumption and a greater comfort for passengers when entering the cabin. Their fabrication also involves noise barriers for a better acoustic insulation.

Vision Systems’ EDWs have no moving parts as the in-house developed touch panel and electronics are fully integrated, reducing maintenance costs and downtime, and installation is often limited to a simple mechanical operation, which is very advantageous for the aftermarket.

Other dimmable solutions will be exhibited at AIX 2018: for the cabin window, Nuance V2 multizone, Nuance V2 Ultra-Dark, and Noctis V2 the solution for blackout and privacy; and for the cockpit, Nuance Smart-Shell the add-on solution covering the entire side windows, and Nuance Energia the dimmable selfpowered sun visor. Besides, Zodiac Aerospace will present a divider integrating a dimmable solution made by Vision Systems.

The company will also display high-end motorized roller and pleated shades with synchronizing system and diagnosis assistance. These shades are customizable and offer a high-quality fit and finish.

As for IFE, in addition to ensuring a high passenger satisfaction and ancillary revenues through a rich varied content including movies, music, games, daily press, extensive tourist information, ticketing and advertising, Vision Systems develops the most cost-effective business model for each airline based on tailor-made content and targeted advertisements.

Vision Systems is the single contact for installation, maintenance and content update, although the airlines can choose to change the interface and the content themselves, in a few clicks. A portable solution is available for trials.

Last year, Vision Systems disclosed its interactive window Acti-Vision, this year it will unveil Electroluminescent solutions combined with a dimmable window and divider, Info-Vision, the smart information window. Whether on windows or dividers, short useful travel information is available for the passengers on the existing facilities. The background can adjust automatically from clear to dark for perfect contrast and readability (integrated SPD solution).