VIP Completions Enjoys Growth in Number of ‘Soft Goods Refresh’ Projects

posted on 31st August 2023 by Eddie Saunders
VIP Completions Enjoys Growth in Number of 'Soft Goods Refresh' Projects

VIP Completions, providers of aircraft completions and refurbishment services, today commented on the growth of ‘soft goods refresh’ projects that it has recently delivered to clients.

‘Soft goods’ encompass all upholsteries, including carpets, seat covers and curtains, plus ‘movable’ appointments such as cushions and blankets.

Selection of designers, brands, fabrics, leathers and color schemes define the aesthetic look and feel of an aircraft interior.

While the VIP Completions team is principally known for large-scale interior and exterior aircraft refurbishment projects, soft goods generally comprise an important element within end-to-end projects.

For example, the selection of fabrics is an exceptionally personal choice that reflects the tastes and preferences of the individual client.

“We are seeing more and more clients who want to refresh their aircraft interiors without necessarily undertaking the hard work and extended downtime that usually comes with a full-scale refurbishment,” says Ben Shirazi, President, VIP Completions.

“To use a homeowners’ metaphor, it’s like choosing redecoration over renovation.”

“We’re best known for big refurb projects but we’ve always been very good at the delicate touches too,” adds Ben Shirazi.

“Our team invests the same high degree of attention and care into all projects, regardless of scope.

“Aircraft owners wanting to update decors may benefit greatly from a refresh project that is comparatively quick and easy, while having a major positive impact on their enjoyment of the in-flight experience.”

image credit: VIP Completions