UP And Away Aviation Passes 300 Disinfection Treatments In 3 Weeks

posted on 22nd April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
UP And Away Aviation Passes 300 Disinfection Treatments In 3 Weeks

Up & Away Aviation Detailing serve the UK’s private aircraft industry by offering a full range of interior, exterior valeting and detailing services, as well as comprehensive disinfection programmes.

With our established background in aircraft detailing and cleaning, we had the ability to quickly offer a strong COVID-19 response to aircraft owners and operators.  We have now surpassed 350 safe disinfection events in just 4 weeks across various aircraft types, both charter and commercial.

We aim to surpass the recently issued EASA guidelines for Aircraft Cleaning & Disinfections, using only the best products available. All aircraft receive a deep clean event followed by a ULV Fogger utilising a product called: Bacoban for Aerospace Aircraft Cabin Antiviral & Antibacterial Cleaner before flight and also other AMM required products where Bacoban is not approved. We are also using Ionaization process which is without the use of any checmical as some OEMs state this is the only process.

The surface disinfectant uses an entirely new approach with a semi-permanent nanoscale layer with anti-pathogen agents, which are slowly released over 10 days. Bacoban closes the hygiene gap between disinfection cycles, allowing active infection control for extended periods.

Aircraft crew also requested further support for disinfection protection when down route. This resulted in the launch of our Up & Away Travel Protection Kit, allowing the crew to keep an aircraft to a higher standard of disinfection, using Bacoban, rather than using typical household brands.

Up & Away are further investing in this service by adding a 3D nebulizer to its service. Stefan Murphy, CEO said: “These additional assets will allow us to significantly increase our geographical coverage as we can equip more of our mobile fleet around the UK, not just in the main business jet centre around the UK. Our aim is to offer all the cleaning/disinfection solutions needed by the industry. To do this, we have to continuously invest in technology and equipment – and when it comes to COVID-19 we have to lead from the front to protect those flying in the aircraft”.