Trig Avionics approves Mid-Continent as North American dealer

posted on 30th July 2019 by William Hayes
Trig Avionics approves Mid-Continent as North American dealer

Aircraft electronics company Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has announced it is now an approved dealer for Trig Avionics, the UK-based aircraft electronics manufacturer.

The Wichita-based Mid-Continent is also the only authorised service centre for Trig Avionics in North America, a partnership the companies entered into in 2013.

“Our team of expert technicians and customer service representatives have been working with Trig products for more than half of a decade,” said Mid-Continent director of sales David Copeland.

“Customers can now purchase new Trig products while receiving technical support and repair services in the same convenient location.”

The full selection of certified Trig products now available through Mid-Continent as part of the agreement include transponders, radios, nav/com, audio panels, GPS receivers and antennas, and UAS products.

Kansas-based Mid-Continent also manufacture their own products, including the True Blue Power line, and also operate one of the world’s biggest overhaul and exchange programs for aviation instruments.

They join over 800 other approved Trig dealers in over 42 countries.