Town of Norwood breaches agreement to allow new FBO

posted on 14th August 2019 by William Hayes
Town of Norwood breaches agreement to allow new FBO

The town of Norwood, in Massachusetts, has reportedly backed out of a deal to grant Boston Executive Helicopters (BEH) a fixed-base operator (FBO) permit for Norwood Airport.

The about-turn comes just two weeks after the town reached a settlement agreement in federal court with BEH, which acknowledged that the charter company had “satisfied all minimum standards” for the “prompt issuance” of an FBO permit at Norwood Airport.

The Norwood Airport Commission (NAC) refused to approve the request from BEH for an FBO permit, claiming a deficiency in insurance coverage, despite the town acknowledging in the July 30 agreement that “all minimum standards and additional requirements for the issuance of an FBO permit by the NAC to BEH have been met,” according to BEH’s attorney.

A further stumbling block to threaten the viability of the agreement is the fact that three members of the NAC did not personally sign the document, with an attorney signing in the place of two of them, and the third apparently having no intention to sign at all.

BEH questioned the authority of the attorney signatures, with BEH president saying: “without their actual signature[s], I do not accept the agreement.”