The Registry of Aruba Names Alexandra Colindres as its New CEO

posted on 1st February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
The Registry of Aruba Names Alexandra Colindres as its New CEO

As the company culture has changed, we’ve brought on many colleagues who are very
pro-technology. Our goal is to keep the same high standard for safety and customer service as we innovate and evolve
,” she says.

We truly believe in the importance of technology. Aviation is a very dynamic industry, and I believe the use of the appropriate technology is key in continuous innovation and success. We are committed to high safety standards, along with a core belief in providing our clients with an unparalleled level of service and support. Technology can help us accomplish both.”

In recognition of her achievements in the field, Ms. Colindres received the Sapphire Pegasus
Business Aviation Award for Young Talent/Start-Ups in June 2019. One of a small number of
women in the male-dominated field of aviation, she prefers to focus on the quality of her work
rather than gender politics, though.

Going forward as CEO, Ms. Colindres is focusing on expanding The Registry’s clientele across
the world. This will be a continuation of her recent success attracting clients in Hong Kong and
elsewhere in Asia.

It’s about understanding cultures,” she said. “While developing our customer relationship, it
became evident that some of our international clientele appreciate more face to face
communication. I started that by going to Hong Kong and China to set up meetings and
introduce myself. The Registry made it a priority to be present, and that has resulted in some
big client relationships. I would like to expand that strategy to several other regions. The Aruba
Registry has a lot to offer and it has been tried and tested throughout its now 26 years in
,” Ms. Colindres explained.