The Registry of Aruba launches new campaign to destigmatise the number four

posted on 23rd February 2022 by Eddie Saunders
The Registry of Aruba launches new campaign to destigmatise the number four

The Registry of Aruba (TROA), a global one-stop aircraft registry for the business aviation sector has released the findings of a Chinese Metaphysics report that details the good luck associated with the number four.

The report, which was developed in partnership with Chinese Metaphysics master, Susanne Shultz, comes in parallel with a surge in private jet demand from young business owners across Asia.

TROA, also known as “P4” because of the nationality mark that appears on all jets registered in Aruba, is a bespoke aircraft registry that services private jets and commercial aircraft.

“We are like the DMV for aircraft” jokes TROA’s CEO Alexandria Colindres, one of aviation’s youngest female CEOs.

“Our clients in Asia have changed a lot over our 35 years of operation; they are more progressive than before.

“Our young clients in Asia asked us to find out more about the meaning behind the number four and we were fascinated with what we discovered via the Chinese metaphysics investigation”.

TROA engaged Chinese metaphysics master, Suzanne Shultz, to uncover the energy associated with and meaning behind the number four.

The report uncovered that the number four is linked to love, creativity, innovation, academia, adaptability, and family.

TROA is a family-run business that serves clients around the world.

“We care deeply about tradition and family values, but we’re young, adaptable, and ready to help aviation modernize.

“A fun element of this is numerology and how “good luck” plays into life and business.

“This is especially important to our clients in Asia”.

TROA registers aircraft including private jets, commercial, and corporate aircraft in Aruba through a public-private-partnership with the Aruban government.

These aircraft have a “tail number” that starts with “P4” followed by a personalized series of numbers or letters.

Examples include: P4-LUX, P4-JET, P4-ART, P4-SKY, and P4-888.

Clients personalize their tail numbers in the same way car owners choose their personalized number plate.

“In Asia, we have a growing number of enquiries from young business owners and entrepreneurs that have a different view to the previous generation(s).

“They respect and embrace their heritage while wanting to make new rules and apply logic and evidence-based theory to their beliefs”.