The Climate Jet Club signs partnership with climate NGO

posted on 11th August 2021 by Eddie Saunders
The Climate Jet Club signs partnership with climate NGO

The Geneva-based Climate Jet Club initiative which proposes private aviation users an innovative carbon neutral program has signed on Friday, July 30, an agreement with NGOs myclimate and ecoLive.

Both organizations provide consulting and advisory services as well as educational program in the field of sustainability and CO2 offsetting programs.

The Climate Jet Club Card, which is a CO2 “credit card”, aims at making flyers more aware of the impact their travels have on the environment by encouraging them to use less polluting aircraft and by planning ahead their CO2 emissions based on their known travelling habits.

20000kg of CO2 credit will give users 3 times more flight time on a PC-12 than on a PC-24. Once the credit is up, users commit to stop flying or to use other means of transportation.

CO2 emissions per aircraft type will be made possible by a myclimate online platform which takes into account such parameters as taxiing, take-off, cruising or aircraft recycling.

The compensation amount is billed upfront and, after each flight, the traveler receives a certificate proving his carbon neutrality.

He can also trace his funds to audited sustainable Golden Standard projects around the world such as fighting deforestation in Kenya and enabling clean drinking water initiatives in Uganda.

“We believe that business aviation has a negative impact on the environment”, says Nicolas Ketterer, Marketing and Communication Manager at ecoLive.

“Private jet travelers generate much more greenhouse gases than airline passengers.

“Nowadays, taking into account the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Accord, we must find ways to fight this feeling that flying is not that bad for climate change and we are happy to see innovations such as the one proposed by the Climate Jet Club that participate in an effort to change habits of such travelers in the hope that this will lead the way to changing habits in general”.

This partnership with leading NGOs in the field of climate protection is designed to bring funding to sustainable projects in Africa, but also in Switzerland, Germany or China and at the same time bring awareness to the most fortunate by educating rather than by punishing.