The Climate Jet Club launches its Empty Legs app

posted on 19th January 2023 by Eddie Saunders
The Climate Jet Club launches its Empty Legs app

The Climate JetClub, a private jet broker based in Geneva, and powered by GlobeAir, is launching the first-ever Map-based Empty Legs App.

Business Jets are often under the spotlight because they are seen as heavy polluters; but little is known that there are dozens of airplanes flying empty every day to fetch passengers or to return to base.

These flights, called Empty Legs, which are usually at a discounted price, may contribute to the overall bad image of business aviation because they are not utilized.

This triggered a response from the Climate JetClub: the creation of an Empty Legs Marketplace to make it easy to locate and book flights.

The Climate Jet Club is an exclusive club for business and leisure travelers who need to travel discreetly and seamlessly but who wish to reduce their environmental impact.

By creating this innovative application, the Club intends to assert its eco-responsible position and to offer its members the possibility to make good use of empty flights.

The users of the application have the possibility to see flights in real time on a live map and to interact with other users by posting content.

“Thanks to the application, I was able to travel without increasing the global CO2 footprint… and I got a reduced price from Geneva to London”, says a user quoted from Google Maps.

Situational awareness with The Climate JetClub App is unique. Currently, the app is only available to Android users only but iOS users can still access the data via the company’s website while they wait for an iPhone version to be developed.

The 2.0 version, which is supposed to be released later this year, will also offer the possibility to buy virtual advertising space near airports and landmarks and will make it possible for users to buy flights as a group.

Download the app here:
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