Texas Aero implements innovative & leading-edge technology

posted on 24th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Texas Aero implements innovative & leading-edge technology

Texas Aero, the FBO, aircraft charter, maintenance, sales & training company has gone live with the X-1FBO software solutions suite.

In continuous operation since 1973 & with facilities at Odessa & Waco, Texas Aero are a long-established service provider in the Lone Star State!

Texas Aero VP Operations, Barry E. Johnson was asked “Why did you choose the X-1FBO system?”

Texas Aero Barry Johnson

I work remotely a lot.  We have two locations, Waco & Odessa.  The ability to log on anywhere I am in the world & see what’s going on is important & the ability to make deals with people coming cross country at any time is a big deal to me.  That’s something our previous system could not provide us with.

Just as important is that X-1FBO is easy to learn for admin & ramp staff & it allows our Customer Service team to be actively interacting with customers coming through the FBO & not have their heads buried in data.  Also, to have the X-1 Customer Service team, every one of which has worked in an FBO, supporting us, is really great.  They understand our business model & what we’re doing & they took all the time needed to get us to where we are today.  I mean, you can’t buy that anywhere.”

Jim Wiley, CEO & co-founder of X-1 & former FBO GM & Line Service Technician, saidIt was very enjoyable working with Barry & the Texas Aero team on this project, especially as I am a ramp guy at heart myself. Our vision from the start for the X-1 suite of software solutions has been to streamline every FBO function to promote efficiency, better customer service & ease of use so the FBO team can take care of what is most important to them, the client!  And better service equals higher FBO margins.”