TailHail, introduces tech to revolutionise a predominantly manual industry

posted on 29th March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
TailHail, introduces tech to revolutionise a predominantly manual industry

Private jet flight is defined by tailoring every part of the experience to the customer and allowing passengers to truly feel in charge of their journey.

Seemingly, the linear relationship that underpins this trillion-dollar industry appears simple to master – customer, to operator, to carrier – however, the reality is an infrastructure steeped in offline limitations and manic disorder.

Private aviation expert, TailHail argue that the lack of time efficiency limits private jet operators to maximise the use of their flights as manual processes do not allow for flight information to be distributed effectively.

The result of which leads to planes either being grounded for prolonged periods of time or flying empty legs, ultimately affecting the consumer as the cost is passed on to the passengers.

Instant bookings and innovative live quoting tools have long been in the works to better service stakeholders in the private aviation industry, but the necessary technology has not been readily available until now as Covid 19 has inspired a much-needed overhaul in the way that we fly.

The private aviation sector has experienced a staggering 16% increase in demand compared to pre-pandemic levels worldwide, whilst the number of flights in 2021 represented a 54% increase on those seen in 2020.

Private jet hailing app, TailHail, is using AI and sophisticated algorithms taking private aviation to the next level by providing an industry-first “sky-scanner” of flight paths, empty legs, and carriers, meaning passengers are able to see routes available in real time.

This is made possible through the use of TailHail’s proprietary API integration that allows operator systems to easily upload and share flight information on the platform, allowing operators to push private jet availability and bid for flight enquiries in real time.

The result of the web and device led innovation means that passengers have the ability to keep a centralised view on the ever-evolving flight paths with TailHail’s private jet Geolocator, enabling users to see the world’s jets on a map.

Streamlining many of the processes traditionally employed to charter private flights, TailHail allows users to find and book flights through their platform with flight information on 7000+ private jets and 10000+ routes.

The flight paths available on the service also differ significantly from those offered by commercial airlines, widening the vast portfolio of destinations available to passengers.

Furthermore, the seamless booking process substantially reduces the number of touchpoints passengers go through bringing simplicity and elegance onboard.

Clients can simply hail a private flight to their nearest available airfield, to be ready within 24 hours, and share the cost with colleagues or friends before travelling in exquisite comfort.

James Moon, Founder & Aviation Expert of TailHail comments on the limited technological advancement that has been restricting growth in the private aviation sector:

“At the moment, a user can submit a flight request easily and be matched to our approved aircraft which have passed our tests. They can see more aircraft than they would using a broker.

“When you book a charter it is a very manual process; very old school. You have to scroll through PDFs to find a flight that might be of interest. What we are doing is putting it in the digital word, making it easier to understand and making it transparent.

“We are creating technology for this sector which it should have had years ago. Our sector has been left behind and we are bringing new technology to market which will be a constantly evolving process.

“There are a lot of companies who claim to be the Uber of aviation but they do not have the technology to back it up and our greatest challenge developing this has been that the technology we bring to market is actually revolutionary and this makes it an easier process of booking and chartering a jet.”