Stellar Rolls Out Enhanced Quoting Capabilities for Charter Operators

posted on 18th October 2019 by Eddie Saunders

Stellar Labs today announced a new, more advanced version of its quoting application for charter operators. Available now, Stellar’s enhanced solution allows charter operators to provide better customer service, use the Stellar Marketplace, grow their business and better track their results.  

“The synergy between our advanced quoting solution and the Stellar Marketplace enhances both products,” said Stellar’s founder and chief executive officer, David Fox.

“The combination is unique and will revolutionize charter aviation”

First released in late 2018, Stellar’s quoting application is a powerful cloud-based solution for charter sales that provides account management, trip building, aircraft and itinerary options, operator-branded quotes, an advanced pricing engine and built-in feasibility checks. Stellar’s quoting solution allows charter operators to quickly generate highly customized and detailed, branded quotes comprising multiple aircraft and itinerary options. Automated quoting technology and an advanced pricing engine can quote an entire fleet in seconds and ensure the right price goes to the right customer every time. Integrated availability and feasibility checks can be viewed and acted upon, so only trips that can actually be flown are quoted.

Features in the new version include more powerful and flexible operations rules, extended pricing components, fully customizable quotes, warnings for similar quotes, accounting integration, tracking of won and lost deals, and automated routing to support floating fleet and back-to-base aircraft. These new, advanced features ensure the solution is both easy to use and streamlined enough for small operators, yet comprehensive and robust enough to handle the most complex operations with large fleets and multiple bases.

Stellar’s quoting solution provides access to the Stellar Marketplace. By using the quoting solution with the Stellar Marketplace, operators can easily compare owned-fleet and off-fleet options to enable the best decision making for every situation.

Included in Stellar’s quoting application is an advanced, rules-based pricing engine that powers pricing functions in the Stellar Marketplace. The pricing engine computes the right price, operating cost and margin for every itinerary and rate type. Pricing variables such as airports, aircraft, included services, customer type or individual customer may be configured as rules the selling operator sets. Ensuring accurate, highly reliable quoting information on both sides of the sourcing transaction, the quoting application ensures the efficiency and reliability that set the Stellar Marketplace apart from other approaches.