SRS software deployed by SmartSky Networks for air-to-ground network

posted on 18th November 2021 by Eddie Saunders
SRS software deployed by SmartSky Networks for air-to-ground network

Software Radio Systems Limited (SRS) announced today that SmartSky Networks has selected the SRS customizable RAN solution for its next-generation air-to-ground (ATG) network deployment.

SRS has supplied the high-performance embedded protocol stack and successfully integrated with a third-party PHY partner solution via FAPI interface.

Running on the SmartSky ground network, the solution provides very low latency, high-throughput broadband connectivity to aircraft and supports the operational needs of the aircraft, passengers, and crew.  

ATG deployment scenarios are among the most challenging for communications networks due to high aircraft speeds and long-range transmission.

SRS’s unique software solution allowed SmartSky and their partners to perform fine-grained customization to meet the specific requirements of their airborne communications network. 

“The challenge of providing dependable, immediate, and secure connectivity to aircraft travelling at more than 600 mph at 35,000 ft requires not only innovative airborne equipment and tower antennas, but also advanced ground-based telecommunications technologies,” said Dave Claassen, SmartSky’s CTO.

“SRS’s contribution enabled us to custom design and build a network optimally suited for the airborne environment with uniform performance across highly variable levels of interference and range.” 

The company’s patented beamforming and spectrum re-use technologies have been tested and proven, and the network is now rolling out across the USA for aviation operators and passengers.  

“SRS software is designed from the ground up to be resilient, performant and easily customizable for challenging environments that push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Paul Sutton, Co-Founder and CEO at SRS

“SmartSky’s network will transform the inflight experience by bringing innovative solutions to bear on the ATG connectivity market. “It’s great to see our software contributing to this network’s success.” 

“Integrating our software with SmartSky’s network has been a very rewarding engagement for our engineering team,” said Ismael Gomez Miguelez, Co-Founder and CTO at SRS.

“The speed, capacity and minimal latency SmartSky’s network is achieving speaks to the strengths of the partners we’ve worked with.”