Spirit Aeronautics completes industry’s 1st retrofit of a revolutionary new cabin sound system

posted on 21st February 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Spirit Aeronautics completes industry’s 1st retrofit of a revolutionary new cabin sound system

Spirit Aeronautics has announced that their team has completed the 1st aftermarket installation of the Bongiovi Aviation Speaker-less Audio system in a business class aircraft. The project aircraft to receive this new system is a Dassault Falcon 7X.  

This new audio technology provides the highest fidelity, state of the art cabin entertainment sound resulting in a fully immersive audio experience throughout the entire aircraft cabin. The customized interior theme is maintained without the disruption of speaker grills and the audio system space is minimized by the elimination of speakers. 

 The complete project required new engineering and technical support to include all engineering, kitting and aircraft modifications to upgrade the aircraft Cabin Entertainment System in the aircraft.  The retrofit work included an all new state of the art Cabin Entertainment System, a Satellite Communications System, Window Shades, WIFI Router and new video monitors and the Bongiovi System. All airworthiness certification services were provided and the ground and flight test plans were completed without any discrepancies.  

Rick Ochs CEO of Spirit Aeronautics comments, “This project was a challenging yet extremely rewarding delivery of a leading-edge cabin electronics design for business and charter aircraft. The Bongiovi technical team was very helpful in the integration of their technology into the Cabin Management System. Our team delivered on my promise to the client to make his audio and media system dreams come true. They deserve so much credit for achieving such impressive results. This Cabin Entertainment System surpasses any business class aircraft cabin system flying today for ease of use while it provides audiophile level sound quality of the highest order.”