SmartSky Partners with Service Providers to Showcase the Power of Connected Aviation

posted on 20th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
SmartSky Partners with Service Providers to Showcase the Power of Connected Aviation

The power of connected aviation is being showcased at NBAA-BACE 2022 in Orlando, FL, through the combined aviation data and weather services of SmartSky’s Skytelligence,, AvMet, Meandair and Flash AI, a JetNet partner.

This combination of predictive weather information, only available in the WX+ application, offers Fixed Base Operators (FBO’s), airports and fleet operators an unparalleled solution in a single platform.

“By connecting the algorithmic nowcasting and AI capabilities of predictive weather providers with a capability for monitoring and measuring aviation operations, we are increasing situational awareness and efficiency for FBOs and operators,” said Brit Wanick, VP of Marketing and Partnerships for SmartSky.

“Together with our partners, we are enabling the development of innovative applications, like WX+, that deliver better outcomes for the entire connected business aviation industry.” WX+ is a web-based interface that provides timely advisory insights for FBO operations, airports and pilots through advance information about severe airborne weather and ground conditions.

The application serves to enhance safety and awareness while reducing operating costs due to closures, flight delays and turbulence related incidents.

Easily accessed via a common user interface, the individual data services become more powerful and illustrate the value of Aviation Data as a Service (ADaaS). WX+ will allow the 200+ FBOs, airports and fleet operators across the USA to move from having numerous individual applications open on their service desks at once to having a single view of their most important environmental factors, selecting the layers they want to see for real-time and predictive situational awareness.

Flash AI offers unprecedented accuracy in lightning prediction up to 2 hours in advance of the first strike.

AvMet’s Weather Impact Outlook (WIO) Suite predicts the impact to key arrival and departure corridors up to 24-hours ahead of time, and Meandair’s WXNowCasting services enable planning for the safest routes around thunderstorms, rainfall, and turbulence predicted along the flight path.

Data services and displays from each of the providers is easily accessible in the WX+ application on display at SmartSky’s NBAA-BACE booth #3077.