Signum Aviation Announce Facility Neutral Rating

posted on 19th May 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Signum Aviation Announce Facility Neutral Rating

Global flight support specialists Signum Aviation have been taking step to enhance its commitment to sustainability.

“We partnered with 4Air, the recognized leaders in this field, and we have assessed our direct emissions from energy use and business travel and introduced a bespoke strategy for meeting the Facility Neutral Rating.” said President and Founder, Jonathan Gill.

Signum Aviation contributes to offsets that support projects like renewable energy and forest conservation that are verified to global standards.

Signum Aviation will continue to identify ways to reduce its impact while demonstrating its sustainability commitments to partners as it contributes to a cleaner future for aviation.

“It will be an ongoing commitment by our entire team, led by our UK Head Office in Manchester and our North American Regional Office in Seattle.”