SEA Prime to attend the NBAA Schedulers’ and Dispatchers’ conference in Nashville

posted on 23rd January 2023 by Eddie Saunders
SEA Prime to attend the NBAA Schedulers’ and Dispatchers’ conference in Nashville

SEA Prime, which, with the Milano Prime brand, is a leading operator of business aviation airports in Italy and Europe participates to this year’s edition of the Schedulers’ and Dispatchers’ conference starting tomorrow in Nashville (TN).

After a very positive start of 2023 for Milano Primewith +25% business aviation movements year-to-date versus a very healthy 2022, also thanks to the Milan Fashion Week Men just ended, SEA Primefocus for 2023 is on sustainable growth.

The new 4,700-square-meter (50,600 square feet) maintenance hangar at Linate Primedue to be operational soon has achieved a Design rating of Excellent (84.7% overall score) under the internationally recognised sustainability assessment method, BREEAM®, with scores in the region of 90% for ManagementEnergy and Health and Wellbeing.

It is a hangar – the eleventh at Milano Primein Linate – that consolidates and expands the Bombardier Authorized Service Facility managed by Sirio SpA, part of the Directional Aviation Group.

Another important step towards sustainability is the availability, starting from 2023, for business aviation operators at Milano Prime – the first in Italy – of ENI Biojet, mixing JetA1 with 20% biofuel produced from waste raw materials, animal fats and used vegetable oil, a major step in the process of decarbonisation.

SAF is a drop-in replacement for traditional fossil-based jet fuel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 90%.

“We are really proud of the results obtained to date, which we have achieved thanks to the precious collaboration and trust of partners and stakeholders, and to see that 2023 has also opened with a growth trend” has declared Chiara Dorigotti, Chief Executive Officer at SEA Prime.

“The result obtained with the BREEAM certification for the new hangar is tangible evidence of the choice of sustainability also made in the development of new infrastructures, which remains our main objective for the next period.”