Savback Helicopters evolves business model to better serve customers

posted on 25th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Savback Helicopters evolves business model to better serve customers

Savback Helicopters AB, specialist helicopter vendor, presents its new, ‘independently focused’ business model –showcased in a brand-new website.

Bolstered with a wider geographical reach, following the opening of offices in the UK, Italy and Slovakia, Savback, headquartered in Sweden, will carefully consider clients’ requirements and travel habits to recommend the best brand and model for their mission.

It is also adding a new advisory for environmentally minded clients on carbon offsetting, lowering emissions and sustainability initiatives, working closely with the OEMs.

Its new easy to navigate website includes an up-to-date detailed inventory feature, which will become a global digital marketplace for new and used helicopters, plus an engaging ‘shop window’ for current and future services.  

“Over the past 12 months we have fielded more enquiries around the world from newcomers looking to invest in the ultimate point to point transport to keep their employees, family and friends travel safe during the pandemic,” said Savback founder Michael Savbäck.

“With people abandoning city offices and the trend to move into more countryside locations, efficient connectivity will help drive face to face business.

“This too is driving interest in helicopters,” .

Corporate helicopter travel is trending

“Twin turbine helicopter sales have increased, supporting important infrastructure work like oil and gas, windfarms and special missions,” Michael added.

“Corporate helicopter travel is where the new growth is coming from, led by North America, but we are seeing heightened demand in Europe too. It’s an exciting time and 2022 looks even stronger”.

“To every helicopter manufacturer, we say our mission will always be to portray your brand and product in the best possible light – reflect its suitability and defining characteristics in line with our customers’ requirements”.

CEO Reja Savbäck, who will be at the forefront of the business leading future partnership discussions, as well as leading strategic business development for Savback, is also excited for the company’s future.

‘Our new branding reflects who we are and the values we stand for,” she said

“Savback is a hands-on, family-owned business, supported by a talented team of specialists, all committed to offering quality services and products that set industry standards – globally.”

CEO Reja Savbäck