Satcom Direct to provide engine utilization data to Rolls-Royce

posted on 20th February 2019 by Omar
Satcom Direct to provide engine utilization data to Rolls-Royce

Satcom Direct (SD) has entered a formal arrangement with Rolls-Royce to deliver business aviation engine utilization data directly to the OEM, via the SD Pro Operating System, using the SD FlightLogs.

SD FlightLogs captures flight data and cycle events in real time from the aircraft via its datalink service. Once it is verified by the customer, it is automatically sent to Rolls-Royce., resulting in accurate recording of valuable information of which Rolls-Royce will use to further understand the utilization of its engines.

Chris Moore, chief operating officer for SD, said: “Until very recently this sort of information was often hand-written so could be easily misunderstood or lost. We are aiming to work with Rolls Royce to modernize the process which will eventually enhance the value of our customers assets through better maintenance management. Our digital platform can be a rich source of data, and we hope to develop the agreement further in the future.”

SD Scheduler, a cloud-based aviation data management system that can be fully customized for a flight department, features intuitive navigation, integration to third-party vendors, powerful business intelligence and reporting backed by continuous customer feedback.

Axel Voege, head of digital operations in Germany for Rolls-Royce, said: “The service agreement with Satcom Direct is another important part of bringing our pioneering IntelligentEngine vision to life, where product and service become indistinguishable thanks to advancements in digital capability.”

SD Scheduler incorporates SD FlightLogs, the first web-based system designed to auto-capture and manage aircraft flight-log data, effectively reducing manual input.

Feature image: Engine utilization data, delivered to Rolls Royce via the SD Pro Operating System.