Satcom Direct (SD) appointed reseller for SKYTRAC Iridium Certus products

posted on 11th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Satcom Direct (SD) appointed reseller for SKYTRAC Iridium Certus products

Satcom Direct, the business aviation solutions provider has signed a deal with SKYTRAC, a Canada-based provider of intelligent connectivity solutions for aviation, to become an exclusive reseller for the business aviation sector.

The newly ratified agreement positions SD as a global reseller of SKYTRAC Iridium Certus hardware and data services directly to business aviation jet owners, operators, and business aircraft manufacturers.

Aligning with the SD strategy, which offers customizable, robust connectivity solutions for aircraft of all sizes, the agreement immediately adds an impressive range of Iridium Certus products to the SD Xperience portfolio.

A full suite of robust connectivity options, powered by the Iridium LEO Certus constellation are available to satisfy the increased demand for connectivity from all sizes of business aviation aircraft.

The SKYTRAC offering meets both cabin and flight-deck communication requirements for a range of business aviation platforms through its compelling broadband solutions.

“What sets us apart within the industry is our consultancy service that streamlines connectivity acquisition and ensures a seamless service that’s easier to manage,” says Chris Moore, President, Satcom Direct Business Aviation.

“The addition of the SKYTRAC component enables a greater variety of options for owners and operators of business jets of all sizes, to receive consistent, secure, reliable connectivity, now.

“It also boosts our mixed fleet offering which, as we add more and more fleets worldwide to our roster, adds real value for the customer.

“We are proud to have partnered with one of the industry’s most respected Iridium Certus suppliers”.

The SKYTRAC products and services bring even more flexibility to the SD Xperience portfolio to support internet browsing, email, voice, and text services in the cabin, even on smaller aircraft.

Flight-deck tools include improved situational awareness through flight tracking, weather alerts, and FANS capabilities.

“SD has gained impressive global market share of the business aviation sector and is dedicated to empowering owners by harnessing the full potential of data connectivity,” said Jan van der Heul, Vice President Sales of SKYTRAC.

“This new relationship immediately broadens our potential customer base.

“The SD market penetration, combined with the expansion of the SD Xperience portfolio with the SKYTRAC products, adds up to a powerful connectivity offering for the international business aviation market. We’re excited to work with SD to bring our products to a much wider audience.”