Satcom Direct and Polaris Aero team up to strengthen flight risk assessment for business aviation.

posted on 25th February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Satcom Direct and Polaris Aero team up to strengthen flight risk assessment for business aviation.

The high-level risk analysis is displayed to users in the SD PreFlight module, accessed via the SD Pro digital flight operations platform, to determine if any action or flight plan modifications are needed.  A single click enables users to seamlessly switch to the Polaris FlightRisk interface for richer in-depth analysis about any hazards identified and recommendations for risk mitigation.  

SD and Polaris customers benefit from significant time savings and improved accuracy as each analysis uses real-time data provided by the SD PreFlight module to streamline the risk assessment process. The automated transfer of the planning data from the SD system to the Polaris FlightRisk application replaces the need to double up on manually entering information into the SMS.

Errors are reduced and synchronized information exchange delivers immediate, validated mission critical information. SD PreFlight customers are now benefitting from a complimentary two year FlightRisk subscription to enable comprehensive understanding of the advantages of the added additional functionality.

“In today’s dynamic flying environment, Polaris is bringing flight risk analysis into the 21st century by applying thousands of data points that traditional risk analysis methods may exclude. This generates accurate risk assessment enabling pilots and flight planners to make better informed, objective flight-planning decisions. At SD we are focused on delivering trustworthy data via SD Pro to underpin decision making. With the integration of Polaris we are enabling shared, proactive risk mitigation which improves business aviation safety and continues to raise the standards of the sector,” said Chris Moore, president business aviation Satcom Direct

An open architecture platform, SD Pro adds value to the user experience through the integration of third-party suppliers. The SD PreFlight module synchronizes planning information from multiple sources into a single dashboard, allowing operators to more efficiently schedule, manage and operate their aircraft.

Chris Connor, CEO of Polaris Aero adds: “Through our relationship with SD we can deliver relevant and immediate risk analysis to pilots based on their specific mission as entered into the SD PreFlight module. The multiple data points relating to pilot, environmental, airfield and aircraft supports pro-active hazard identification and the objective analysis of the threats delivers practical detailed recommendations about necessary flight planning modifications. The alliance gives our mutual customers detailed information on which to base pro-active risk mitigation strategies, which is vital for an effective SMS.”