Satair and Honeywell Aerospace distribute JetWave: in-flight WiFi for business jets

posted on 11th February 2019 by Alpha
Satair and Honeywell Aerospace distribute JetWave: in-flight WiFi for business jets

Satair has signed an agreement with Honeywell Aerospace to distribute Honeywell’s JetWave high-speed, in-flight connectivity system, to a wide segment of the global business jet market.

JetWave is a communication system, which operates and communicates with the Inmarsat satellite network, to deliver high-speed internet into the cabin, connecting multiple devices. The communication system allows travellers to keep in touch with their business teams, stream live TV and join video conferences, allowing global connectivity from take-off to touchdown.

Satair will be distributing JetWave to the EMEA and India based Honeywell dealers, as well as part 145 MRO and repair facilities that will undertake the installation work and are not part of the Honeywell network.

Allan Riis, business development director for Satair, said: “We now have dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) order desks for JetWave and other business aviation products and we see JetWave as part of a continuous journey by Satair into the important business and general aviation market.”

This new agreement with Honeywell Aerospace, for the business jet market, builds on several other product lines that Satair also distributes to this sector. This includes the global management of the ADS-B Out upgrade programme on Honeywell Primus-equipped business aircraft and the global distribution of several Honeywell sensing product lines.

Raghed Talih, director of aftermarket sales and services at Honeywell Aerospace in the Middle East, Turkey, India and Africa, said: “We are very pleased to further expand our relationship with Satair, and our history of collaboration especially on the Primus and ADS-B mandate program has demonstrated that Satair is a proactive and likeminded partner when bringing our products to market.”

Satair has invested in a large pool of full ship sets of JetWave stock and will hold a certain inventory level of all Honeywell JetWave components, it will be able to offer immediate delivery to give an enhanced service to ease the management of the installation.

Feature image: Satair