Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency approves VIP Mi-38 helicopter

posted on 9th September 2019 by William Hayes

Helicopter design and manufacturing company JSC Russian Helicopters received approval from Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency “Rosaviatsiya” to configure a VIP version of its Mi-38 helicopter.

The document, which authorises “major change to the type certificate” was issued to the manufacturer at this year’s MAKS (International Aviation and Space Show) at Zhukovsky International Airport in Russia.

“The certification of the Mi-38 in the version dubbed the Saloon opens new perspectives for the type in the domestic and export markets,” said Russian Helicopters CEO Andrei Boginsky.

“We are demonstrating this version for the first time at this year’s MAKS. Soon thereafter, this machine will go to a Russian buyer. We also expect foreign customers to turn up.”

The Mi-38 was first awarded type certification in December 2015, allowing the 15.6-tonne helicopter to carry a five-tonne cargo over a 1,300-km distance, before a supplement authorised it to carry passengers two years later.

The “higher comfort cabin” version of the aircraft, which can carry up to 11 passengers, was demonstrated at MAKS 2019 alongside the baseline (30 passengers) and military (20 armed soldiers) versions.