RUAG Aviation’s compliance team recognised for performance

posted on 6th September 2018 by Omar
RUAG Aviation's compliance team recognised for performance

RUAG Aviation has been recognised in Europe for the strength of its compliance team.

The RUAG Aviation team for Trade Compliance was named the European Export Controls Compliance Team of the Year by WorldECR and their publication “The Journal of Export Controls and Sanctions”.

“We are proud of achieving this award. WorldECR and the panel of judges have confirmed that our focus on a rigorous and sustainable compliance organization, strategy and infrastructure has proven successful,” states Philipp Berner, CEO RUAG Aviation.

RUAG Aviation strengthened trade compliance activities in 2014 to ensure that all employees were fully engaged with all internal guidelines as well as national and international legal regulations governing export controls. Philipp Berner continues, “The efforts of this team ensure that compliance is an effective tool that contributes to quality and the success of our division.”

The enhanced focus on trade compliance at RUAG is also a response to a major reform of the U.S. export control system, the Export Control Reform (ECR), launched in 2010, which created a new situation for RUAG.

As government-to-government contracts, foreign military sales (FMS) were not included in ECR, RUAG Aviation, the material competence center of the Swiss Armed Forces, needed to pursue a dual-license strategy, in order to meet the varying demands of both the US Departments of State and Commerce.

RUAG Aviation expanded their approach by establishing a team solely dedicated to trade compliance. Together, the members of the team address this dual-license strategy in the post-ECR environment and are heavily committed to training and educating division employees to satisfy the inherent complexities.

“A key element of trade compliance is awareness throughout the value chain. One of our central focuses is promoting an understanding of why trade compliance activities significantly contribute to the company’s overall goals going forward,” explains Burim Ceni, Divisional Trade Compliance Officer, RUAG Aviation.

Burim Ceni points out, “This is an evolving and continuous process. We are interfacing with all departments in an integrated strategy where we actively engage and advise senior management, sales, finance, supply chain and engineering, so that they all fully understand the legal, technological and business aspects of export control compliance.”

“Trade compliance is a key part of the business operation and we have structured our concept around a zero tolerance policy,” asserts Felix Ammann, Vice President Supply Chain, RUAG Aviation.