Rolls-Royce Pearl family continues to grow

posted on 7th May 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Rolls-Royce Pearl family continues to grow

The Pearl 10X features the Advance2 engine core, the most efficient core available across the business aviation sector, and combines it with a high-performance low-pressure system, resulting in a superior thrust of more than 18,000lb.

Compared to Rolls-Royce’s last generation of business aviation engines the Pearl 10X offers a 5% higher efficiency, while delivering outstanding low noise and emissions performance.

One of the new key features of the Pearl 10X will be 3D-printed combustor tiles, manufactured by an advanced Additive Layer Manufacturing process.

Chris Cholerton, president civil aerospace, Rolls-Royce, said: “This is a very special day for Rolls-Royce and the dedicated Pearl team, who have been passionately working behind the scenes to make this programme a reality.

“We are extremely proud that Dassault has chosen us to power their flagship Falcon 10X, and I would like to congratulate the Dassault family as well as the Falcon team on this special occasion.

“Today marks the start of a successful partnership and, with our pioneering Pearl 10X engine and leading customer service, I look forward to supporting Dassault as they continue to impress their customers in the ultra-long-range corporate jet market.”

Eric Trappier, chairman and CEO, Dassault Aviation, said: “The Pearl 10X is perfectly matched to our performance requirements for our new, ultra-long-range jet and proved itself to be the best solution also for reliability and efficiency.

“New technologies within its core and its digital controls make it the benchmark for powerplant technology in this business aviation segment.

“Moreover, Rolls-Royce’s track record for product support ensures an outstanding customer service experience.”

Dr Dirk Geisinger, director business aviation and chairman Rolls-Royce Deutschland, added: Excellent customer support is a key focus for Dassault and Rolls-Royce, both of us have been ranked number one in our own categories for consecutive years in AIN’s Product Support Surveys.

“As the leading engine manufacturer in Business Aviation, our customers can trust in us to deliver outstanding levels of in-service support.