Rolls-Royce celebrate 60 years of business aviation operations

posted on 17th October 2018 by Omar
Rolls-Royce celebrate 60 years of business aviation operations

Rolls-Royce is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Business aviation. From the beginning in 1958, which was marked by the first flight of the Dart-powered Gulfstream I, through to the recent launch of the Pearl 15-powered Bombardier Global 5500 and Global 6500, Rolls-Royce has followed a pioneering approach to offer its customers extraordinary engine technology and services.

Over the last six decades Rolls-Royce has become one of the world’s leading engine supplier in business aviation, powering some of the largest, fastest and longest range business jets available. Today about 3,000 of these aircraft are in service worldwide.

Rolls-Royce has already delivered more than 7,000 business aviation engines to power the world’s most successful and finest business aircraft. The latest addition to this market-leading business aviation engine portfolio is the recently unveiled Pearl® engine family. Its first member, the Pearl 15, received EASA certification on 28 February 2018 and will power the new Bombardier Global 5500 and Global 6500 jets exclusively.

Dirk Geisinger, Business Aviation Director, Rolls-Royce, said: “Rolls-Royce is a true pioneer of business aviation, always pushing at the very boundaries of technology to underpin our position as the number one engine manufacturer in this market.

Our recently launched Pearl family of engines and our IntelligentEngine vision will ensure we retain our leading position for another generation.

He added: “Our customers aren’t just buying an aircraft – they are buying a time machine. The aircraft is a powerful tool that helps saving their most precious good, time.

And they count on us to deliver exactly that – with reliable, clean and best-in-class products.”

“As innovators we can’t stand still. Our team is working hard to stay ahead of the competition by developing innovative products and services that are leading the way and offer substantial benefits to our customers.

Whatever the future in business aviation might look like, be it supersonic flight, vertical take-off and landing, electrically driven solutions or hybrid planes, we keep pioneering the power that matters, looking forward to the next 60 years as the leading force in business aviation”, Geisinger added.