Q&A with Russi Batliwala, Group Chairman of Chapman Freeborn

posted on 6th November 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Q&A with Russi Batliwala, Group Chairman of Chapman Freeborn

We have a lot of opportunities going forward, particularly with our new owners and their emphasis on aircraft and aircraft acquisitions. I can see us having more and more assets to sell to our customers, and that will result in further growth. Then there’s the mergers and acquisitions which I will be involved in going forward.”

Russi Batliwala and Eric Erbacher

Q Chapman Freeborn also has a new CEO after Eric Erbacher was appointed from Cargolux Airlines where he was Director Charter Services & ACMI. What will he bring to the business?

Eric is well known to the business, he spent three years with us in the past as Regional Director Asia – and we’re thrilled he’s back. He will bring with him his vast knowledge of the business and assist with the structure and strategy of the group going forward. I’ve known Eric for the last 30 years and he’s a true professional and he truly understands our business. I’m very pleased that the Avia Solutions Group board made the decision to appoint him. Everything I’ve done in the past with Eric has always been very professional and very successful. So, it’s a continuation of what has been a long working relationship over many, many years.

Q It sounds like you still have a big commitment to the business, even if your role is now less concerned with day to day operations?
A “I do – and I want to make clear also that I am not disappearing. I don’t have a yacht, and my wife hates water! So, I’m not planning to sail off into the sunset. I intend to be around to help Eric and the team, but also to give advice and assistance to anybody in the group.”