Q&A with Russi Batliwala, Group Chairman of Chapman Freeborn

posted on 6th November 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Q&A with Russi Batliwala, Group Chairman of Chapman Freeborn

The other thing I’m always very proud of are the company weekends we organise. We have up to 150 people attend from all over the world, regardless of their role – whether they are part time in accounts or a country manager – and we bring them all together in different cities across Europe every year. Standing in front of all those people and seeing how motivated and happy they are is also very special to me.”

Q Can you paint us a bit of a picture as to how your company has grown over the years to become a leader in the air chartering sector?

A “I can make it very simple. Great customers. Great employees. A good portion of luck. A great company culture and, very importantly, not being greedy.

“Those are the basics, but we’ve developed as a business continuously over the decades, and about eight to 10 years ago we recognised that our core business was becoming more and more difficult because we had more and more competition

So, we made the decision that we wanted to diversify our business and control our own destiny -and we’ve successfully done that. We’ve made various acquisitions and sold companies that has been successful for us.

Q What’s next for the business?
A “It’s exciting. We were sold in 2019 to the Avia Solutions Group, and that has proved to be a perfect fit for us. We’ve had one year under the new owners now, and the business is thriving, and we continue to grow and invest in new businesses.