New Private Aviation Emergency Evacuation Guide

posted on 5th March 2020 by Eddie Saunders
New Private Aviation Emergency Evacuation Guide

With the inconsistent spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and airlines suspending domestic and international flights, private aviation is already playing a key role in emergency evacuations and relocations. The new Coronavirus Emergency Evacuation Private Aviation Options guide from Private Jet Card Comparisons provides an in-depth analysis of the current private aviation products and services available in order to help subscribers find the best jet card membership programs for emergency planning purposes.

Waiting until the last minute to find a private aviation solution for emergency situations can mean price spikes, and even the possibility of not being able to secure a private aircraft,” said Doug Gollan, the editor and founder of Private Jet Card Comparisons.

However, there are programs that offer benefits, such as fixed rates and guaranteed availability, so that you can buy the membership now, lock in pricing and then fly as you need to, in some cases with less than 12 hours’ notice.”

In addition to unrestricted access to all regular Private Jet Card Comparisons content, reports and information, subscribers also receive an analysis of ideal emergency-use jet card options and step-by-step instructions on how to identify the right programs based on their personal needs and specific criteria. For example, subscribers can search for options based on private jet card providers’ ability to transport pets and unaccompanied minors, or the seating capacity of available aircraft.

“By following our guide, subscribers can identify the programs that are right for their needs in this situation,” said Gollan. “Should Coronavirus concerns grow, programs offer a way to continue business or vacation plans without having employees or family members exposed to places with lots of people, like commercial airline terminals and airplanes.”

While private aviation can be impacted by governmental restrictions and regulations, as well as other operational constraints, private aviation companies have historically continued to operate as an alternative travel option after commercial airlines first cancel their services.