PrimmaDonna Lux unveils Diep Sleep System for luxury travellers

posted on 30th May 2018 by Alpha
PrimmaDonna Lux unveils Diep Sleep System for luxury travellers

Primadonna Lux is about to make aviation luxury even better by unveiling the Diep Sleep System.

Other in-flight bed systems are inflatable, and thus susceptible to punctures, dependent upon noisy air pumps, bulky, air-flow blocking, only moderately comfortable, and time-consuming to set up.

The Diep Sleep System solves all of these problems. In less than 30 seconds, the Diep Sleep System transforms from a ingeniously compact package into a stable, sturdy bed frame with a quiet, comfortable, memory foam mattress.

Three comfort levels ensure the perfect restful sleep for up to two people. The ergonomic design allows for ample foot room.

When it’s time to wake, everything stows into a compact and stylish package in under a minute. Worries and patch kits can be left behind; this bed will never deflate, so it’s ready 100% of the time.

Thoughtfully designed with quality, efficiency, comfort and luxury in mind, the Diep Sleep System delivers an exceptional travel experience.

Private jet travel should feel like an oasis in the sky. With their Dine, Relax, Sleep and Refresh Collections, Primadonna curates everything needed for exceptional in-flight experiences.

Primadonna is a full-service interior design showroom offering unparalleled design expertise and is a manufacturer of fine luxury goods.