Prime Trip Support and WEXJET Aviation announce strategic alliance

posted on 23rd May 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Prime Trip Support and WEXJET Aviation announce strategic alliance

Prime Trip Support and WEXJET Aviation announce the creation of a strategic alliance to provide increased support for clients flying globally.

The partnership makes WEXJET the preferred ground handling company for Prime Trip Support’s clients throughout Portugal and the Azores, while Prime Trip Support will exclusively support WEXJET’s fleet of managed aircraft with their international trip support and global logistics needs.

The alliance will provide Prime Trip Support clients with several ground handling, fuel, catering, and flight services throughout Portugal and the Azores and clients will have the advantage of receiving personalized and tailored services, including, but not limited to, short notice arrangements for diverting flights or emergency landings.

WEXJET clients flying outside of Portuguese territories will rely on the global trip planning and fuel experience of Prime Trip Support.

“Due to its unique strategic position, countless operators choose to stop in the Azores when making trans- Atlantic journeys. These companies rely on the fast, reliable, and safe services provided by WEXJET and for all their tech stop needs,” says Ammar Alhussari, Founder and CEO of Prime Trip Support,

“and we are delighted to partner with a company who can service our customers with the level of support they demand while flying through Portugal and these island territories.”

“We celebrate this partnership with Prime Trip Support as it expands our network of connections around the world,” says Ricardo Cabral, CEO of WEXJET Aviation,

“and we look forward to serving all those who cross the Atlantic and require quality ground handling services around the clock.”

The two companies plan on expanding this relationship to include more strategic endeavors in the near future.