Serves as Game Changer for Charter Air Travel

posted on 3rd December 2019 by Eddie Saunders Serves as Game Changer for Charter Air Travel

A new travel resource putting the luxury and convenience of private jet travel within the reach of millions of commercial airline passengers was launched today by Chicago real estate executive John Paul Beitler III, who is also a pilot and began his career in private jet charter. is the first online resource allowing travelers to anonymously search and book empty leg flights on private jets. It launched today with more than 1,000 flights available to the most desirable vacation and business destinations.

All our flights are empty leg flights. Empty leg flights occur after an aircraft drops off the previous full paying charter passenger and is now in transit to another airport, empty,” explains Beitler.

Empty leg flights make up 30%-50% of all private jet flights. At, travelers pay no charge for our service, and every booking is conducted directly with the aircraft owner or operator.”

Because revolves around empty leg flights, we are able to unlock access to the space that exists between first class airline travel and customized jet charter. For the traveler, this means they now have a new third option that falls between this gap,” Beitler said.

As an example, a party of 8-people traveling one-way from Chicago to Miami would expect to pay around $500 per ticket ($4,000) for first-class seats on the airlines, while an 8-person custom charter would cost around $20,000. On this same route on an 8-seat private jet costs around $9,500. allows viewing of all the flights available to hundreds of destinations around the country, along with their price. Powered by an exclusive cutting-edge algorithm, it also allows customers to search for and see each aircraft both inside and out, with additional information including aircraft amenities, age and safety rating.

PlaneFinder connects the traveler with hundreds of empty leg flights and private aircraft from operators all over the country, with absolutely no fee, no club to join and card to buy,” adds Beitler.

And you’re booking the whole plane, not just a seat. You have total control over who is on board, whether it’s your associates, your family, your golfing foursome, or your fellow adventurers – all at one set price with no booking fee or any kind.”