Piedmont Propulsion Systems Offers Complete Model 568F Compression Wrap Removal and Application

posted on 5th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders

Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC (“PPS”), a wholly owned subsidiary of First Aviation Services Inc., announced today that it has become the world’s first independent Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facility to offer complete Major Inspection support for the Model 568F propeller installed on the Next-Gen ATR family of turboprop aircraft, including the removal and re-application of the blade compression wrap.

PPS worked tirelessly with support of the Federal Aviation Administration to pursue the release of the blade compression wrap removal and application process instructions, which were previously restricted to OEM-licensed facilities. 

This represents a significant victory for PPS,” according to Sammy Oakley, PPS’s Vice President and General Manager.  “PPS’s ability to offer a complete 568F solution is a significant benefit to all ATR operators, as there is now a FAA- and EASA-certified competitor in the marketplace that can offer reduced lead-times and provide a high quality, cost-effective solution.” 

PPS will perform the compression wrap removal and application using OEM instructions, which were not previously made available to operators or independent repair stations.  Joshua Krotec, Senior Vice President of parent company First Aviation Services Inc. expressed appreciation for FAA’s efforts, saying “we thank FAA for enforcing the law, which requires that Instructions for Continued Airworthiness be made available to all those – including operators and repair stations – who need to comply.”

PPS’s 568F compression wrap removal and application services are available effective immediately to all operators, either as part of any PPS propeller maintenance contract (including cost per flight hour programs), or on an ad hoc basis.  PPS, which has been authorized to perform major inspections of the 568F for over five years, previously subcontracted the compression wrap removal and replacement tasks to an OEM-authorized facility, which unnecessarily increased costs and turn times.   PPS now performs these tasks in-house, significantly reducing cost and turn-around times.