Piaggio Aerospace awarded maintenance contract with ENAV

posted on 29th August 2019 by William Hayes
Piaggio Aerospace awarded maintenance contract with ENAV

Aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aerospace has won a contract with the Italian air navigation service provider ENAV for the maintenance of four P.180 Avanti turboprops.

The €12.6 million contract has a duration of seven years and will provide integrated support for the Avanti aircraft, which are used for flight inspection activities at national airports.

Said activities involve the regular measurements and calibration of airport navaids (ensuring their continued operational accuracy), an activity essential for the safety of air navigation and which causes the P.180s to average 1,800 flight hours per year.

“The agreement signed represents a further step forward in the turn-around process of Piaggio Aerospace,” said Vincenzo Nicastro, extraordinary commissioner of Piaggio Aerospace.

“While strengthening the backlog of the Genoa factory-owned service center, it also confirms the unique expertise of the company in the airframe MRO domain, consolidated throughout decades of activities.”

The agreement is part of Piaggio’s bid to build up its maintenance business, after the company, which is currently accepting bids for a buyer, went into extraordinary receivership late last year.

The Italian government committed to various projects totalling €700 million in the summer, including a €167 million contract from the Italian Air Force for engine maintenance and spares.