PC12 – World’s First Fully Certified MT47 “Silent 7” Upgrade

posted on 14th December 2020 by Eddie Saunders
PC12 - World’s First Fully Certified MT47 “Silent 7” Upgrade

PC12 upgrade specialist Super Legacy XP Limited are the first Pilatus PC12 operator worldwide to install and obtain full certification for the MT47 Seven Blade propeller on their PC12 Super Legacy demonstration aircraft.

This process culminated in flight performance tests conducted in Germany and high-altitude take-off’s at Europe’s uppermost airports, Samedan in Switzerland and Courchevel Altiport with its runway resembling a ski jump. The latest propeller from MT combined with the Super Legacy Speed Cowling demonstrated significant performance improvements in takeoff roll, accelerate stop distance, rate of climb  and cruise speed, a complete change of harmonics also brings additional cabin comfort to the Super Legacy.