Passengers and crew unharmed after Cessna Citation crash in India

posted on 2nd September 2019 by William Hayes
Passengers and crew unharmed after Cessna Citation crash in India

The passengers and crew of a Cessna Citation, which crashed and caught fire at Aligarh Airport in India, have escaped without injury.

The incident occurred while the Citation Excel was on final approach at the northern Indian airport, with the aircraft reportedly coming into contact with high tension wires and landing in grass between the runway and perimeter fence.

The ensuing fire consumed the jet, but all six occupants were able to evacuate safely from the aircraft before it was destroyed.

The crash was the latest in a string of accidents involving Cessna Citations, following three other incidents in the last six weeks where passengers and crew had to evacuate a damaged aircraft.

An aborted take-off due to an overrun runway at Oroville Airport, California on August 21 caused all 10 occupants to evacuate a Citation Excel before it burst into flames.

Retired Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., was involved in an accident alongside his family on August 15 when a Citation Latitude overran the runway at Elizabethton Municipal Airport near Bristol, Tennessee, with all on board managing to exit the aircraft before it was destroyed in a fire.

And an incident at Nevada’s Mesquite Airport on July 17 saw a sole-occupant pilot crash land his 1981 Citation II before subsequently being arrested for operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol.