Partners In Aviation Matches Up 30 New Aircraft Co-Owners in Just 120 Days

posted on 19th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Partners In Aviation Matches Up 30 New Aircraft Co-Owners in Just 120 Days

Partners In Aviation (PIA), the firm that has championed the concept of aircraft Managed Co-Ownership, which matches two owners to one aircraft for half the cost of traditional private aviation options, announced that it has completed 15 new co-ownership agreements, matching 30 new aircraft co-owners, in that past 120 days. 

The new agreements place these co-owners in aircraft ranging from light jets to super mid-size aircraft, including matches in the following models:

  • Citation CJ1, Citation CJ2, Citation M2
  • Phenom 100, Phenom 300
  • Lear 45XR, Hawker 850XP
  • Challenger 604, Falcon 900LX
  • Gulfstream GIV-SP

Moreover, these aircraft will operate for their co-owners in locations as diverse as California, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, Iowa, Montana, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. 

“The ongoing interest in private aviation, in general, is yielding ground-breaking results for the industry,” PIA founder and aviation veteran Mark Molloy said.

“Our recent growth underscores how interest and adoption of PIA’s Managed Co-Ownership program is resonating with private aviation users.

“Many of our customers were previously traveling via charter or jet-card and were looking for a better value proposition.

“Because we now have a volume of co-owner candidates throughout the country, the program works, and works well, for the full spectrum of business aircraft.”

PIA matched co-owners to three Phenom 300 light jets within the 120-day cycle and has just completed another Phenom 300 match that is scheduled to close in November.

“I am a believer in the program and was looking forward to assisting in the growth of PIA when I joined in June of this year,” said VP of Operations Perry Bridges.

“But this 120-day period has been a dramatic experience for me. Our unique concept (two owners, one aircraft, half the cost) just makes sense to our customers.”

With a legal structure developed with the industry’s top aviation counsel, a nationwide network of interested co-owner candidates to draw from, and a customer-focused co-owner vetting process, Partners is Aviation brings two like-minded owners together, in any region of the country, to enjoy flight access on par with sole ownership, for half the operating costs of other private aviation options.