PAL-V World’s First Flying Car Hits The Road

posted on 29th October 2020 by Eddie Saunders
PAL-V World's First Flying Car Hits The Road

Who hasn’t dreamed about a flying car? Taking your car for a ride in the sky?  This dream is one step closer now. After flying and driving the test prototype in 2012, PAL-V started the design of the Liberty, its commercial product. Recently the Liberty passed the stringent European road admission tests and now is allowed on the streets with an official license plate. This completed a rigorous and extensive drive test program carried out on test tracks since February 2020. From high-speed ovals, brake and noise pollution testing, the PAL-V is now ready to take on the roads.

Mike Stekelenburg, CTO of PAL-V, explained how he experienced this journey: “With the memories in mind of fly and drive testing our proof of concept, the PAL-V One, I was looking forward to testing the Liberty. We have been cooperating with the road authorities for many years to reach this milestone. The excitement you feel in the team is huge. It was very challenging to make a “folded aircraft” pass all road admission tests.