Oriens Aviation is now an Authorised Pilatus PC-24 Service Centre

posted on 25th February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Oriens Aviation is now an Authorised Pilatus PC-24 Service Centre

“Pilatus’ announcement late last year that it has secured EASA and FAA approval for a 10-passenger seat PC-24 is an exciting development,” Edwin highlighted.  He is hopeful that it may trigger interest from the corporate market – when the borders open up.

“Health and safety concerns are uppermost, so travelling in a secure environment is a big driver for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to keep their employees and families safe.  This 10-seat variant could be especially appealing as a corporate shuttle,” suggested Edwin.

“The PC-24 is unique in its class, with its mid-size cabin, combining jet speed and short runway performance (paved and unpaved) from 893 metres upwards, with an attractive 17sq ft aft cargo door.”

“Over five years the Oriens team have made an enormous contribution adding to and supporting our Pilatus family and we are delighted that Oriens Aviation is now a fully approved PC-24 Service Centre,” said Ignaz Gretener, vice president general aviation of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. “This will give even greater flexibility to our clients when planning their maintenance visits.  Oriens’ base at Biggin Hill remains a highly attractive business aviation airport for many of the Pilatus customers, with good opening hours.”