Newly Renovated GAT at Madrid Barajas Airport Unveiled

posted on 11th December 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Newly Renovated GAT at Madrid Barajas Airport Unveiled

The newly renovated general aviation terminal (GAT) at Madrid Barajas Airport is now fully open and available to business aviation operators. Refurbishment of the GAT, named Spanish FBO – Madrid, began in April 2019, when Aena SME, S.A., the stateowned company that manages airports and heliports in Spain, selected a consortium consisting of Universal Aviation Spain, United Aviation Service, and General Aviation Service, to co-manage and renovate the existing GAT.

Spanish FBO – Madrid features all new lounges and meeting rooms for crew and passengers. In addition to the shared common lounges, Universal Aviation Spain has its own remodeled private lounge—exclusively for Universal Aviation customers. 

Operators who have been to the GAT previously will not recognize it, as the renovations make it look and feel like a completely different and brand-new facility,” said Gonzalo Barona Jr., General Manager, Universal Aviation Spain, who will also serve as manager of Spanish FBO-Madrid.

The complete design was made with the users’ experience in mind. From the look and feel of the lounges to the ease in which business aviation operators will clear Customs and Immigration. While renovations were taking place in the shared areas of the GAT, Universal Aviation Spain also completely renovated our private lounges, which are gorgeous and free to use for our clients.”

The consortium is also actively completing renovations to the GAT at Barcelona-El Prat International Airport (LEBL), which it will manage under the name Spanish FBO – Barcelona.

We’re making great progress on the renovations at Barcelona and are excited to be complete and ready early in the first quarter of 2020,” said Barona Jr.

The three companies in the consortium are contracted to manage both GATs for the next five years.