New Helicopter Shuttle Service to/from DC to NYC

posted on 24th February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
New Helicopter Shuttle Service to/from DC to NYC

Fly Lindy isn’t only about a luxury experience, but it’s safety and security that we promise to our passengers.” states Jessie Naor, Chief Operating Officer of Fly Lindy. “Our approach to safety is industry-leading.”

“While the Fly Lindy service may be new, it has a sophisticated aviation safety team and state of the art helicopters”. The company promises:

  • Two Pilots on every flight with ATP Ratings (the highest certificate issued to commercial pilots in the USA),
  • Advanced aircraft technology, including: terrain awareness & warning systems, traffic collision avoidance systems, autopilot, pop-out floatation systems, and more,
  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Rated Helicopters, so flights can be conducted in the clouds safely, and are under the guidance of Air Traffic Control (i.e. NO scud running),
  • And a Wyvern-Wingman Rating (a third party safety agency verifying their policies and procedures are amongst the best in the private aircraft industry).