New business aviation flight simulator announced by Euramec

posted on 13th May 2019 by William Hayes
New business aviation flight simulator announced by Euramec

Belgian flight training company Euramec announced a brand new line up of flight simulators for business aircrafts, which they say will reduce training costs.

“Training optimization is a major focus for all operators,” said Bert Buyle, CEO of Euramec. “Recurrent training costs take up a large portion of the budget for business jet operators, due to limited availabilities of (full) flight simulators. Our devices will dramatically reduce the cost of this training.”

In addition to its focus on pilot training, Euramec is planning to build procedure trainers to train business aircraft mechanics. These mechanics are currently sent around the world to learn particular tasks – e.g. engine start-up/shutdown – and these training costs can be significant. There is no need for this, say Euramec, as a fixed base procedure trainer is adequate for this type of training.

Initially the company will offer flight training devices for business jets, i.e. the Cessna Citation, as well as the Beechcraft King Air turboprop. With the company’s focus on integrating new technologies, smart training devices for other aircraft types will likely follow.