NBAA: Rockwell Collins trumpets ‘award-winning’ business jet lighting

posted on 19th October 2018 by Omar
NBAA: Rockwell Collins trumpets 'award-winning' business jet lighting

Sunny skies no longer have to disappear when the boarding door closes, according to Rockwell Collins.

The company stated: “Rockwell Collins Secant™ Luminous panel, which brings environmental scenery or light displays to life on standard panels inside the aircraft, is now available for business jets.

A Crystal Cabin Award Finalist, Secant Luminous panel utilizes White, RGB, or RGB+W μLED clusters to create a desired display. When the display is disabled, or in a general illumination mode, it appears to be a standard panel within the aircraft.

The Secant Luminous panel is the first aircraft mounted display panels using μLEDs as pixels and as general lighting, seamlessly incorporated into the aircraft structural panels.

“Business jet owners can customize the Secant panel to create virtually any lighting environment they desire, whether it’s imagery to help passengers sleep, or a source of general lighting,” said Steve Scover, vice president and general manager of Lighting and Integrated Systems at Rockwell Collins.

“The Secant panel sets the tone for the passenger’s visual expedition.”